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Our Expertise

Our Servuces

Maximizing Hotel Profitability 

Kayak Hotels Group is committed to maximizing your hotel effectiveness. Since 2009, Kayak has maximized revenue and improved financial performance through targeted sales for a variety of hotel brands and owners along the eastern coast. The K.H.G. executive team has over 60 years experience. As hotel owners, executives and management we understand what it takes to attain success at every level in the hospitality industry. Our company provides a diverse number of services including but not limited to: Hotel, Food & Beverage, Financial, Sales & Marketing, Re-postioning Management and more. We currently manage assets in 

Hospitality Management

KHG has a team in place with over 60 years hospitality experience. Our company is built to handle any hospitality need. 

Financial Management

Nothing is more important than protecting your financials. Kayak knows this better than most with hospitality ownership at our core.

Sales & Marketing

KHG will craft the perfect strategy for your hotel in any market. Our team is committed to exceeding your expectations.

Training & Leadership

Kayak eats, sleeps and breaths a service first culture at all of our hotels and this starts with our passionate, ambitious leaders

Operational Technology

Technology has become a key prerequiste for maximizing your assets potential. Kayak has our own in house tools to compete with anyone

Consulting Services

KHG has the passion and expertise to assist you in all phases of hospitality. Let our team earn your trust

Ready to find out more?

Kayak Hotels Group is eager to show you what we are all about. We view every relationship as an opportunity to earn your business. We take pride in our ability to multi-task and we'd like to show you what that looks like! 

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